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company news about Introduction to DAQIN Explosion-proof Film

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Company News
Introduction to DAQIN Explosion-proof Film
Latest company news about Introduction to DAQIN Explosion-proof Film

An explosion-proof film is a type of protective film made from PC (polycarbonate) plastic that is applied to the screen or back housing of a mobile phone. Its main purpose is to provide effective impact buffering, preventing the screen from bursting or the glass panel from breaking and scattering in the event of accidental impacts. This helps reduce hidden damage to the glass panel and ensures user safety.

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The advantages of an explosion-proof film include its anti-shock, anti-scratch, and anti-abrasion properties, which are superior to ordinary PET and PE films. The film is designed to have high light transmittance (above 91%) and a surface hardness of at least 2H. It can maintain the unique gloss, texture, and surface hardness of tempered glass while offering different levels of wear resistance.

Flexible explosion-proof films, often made from imported flexible materials such as Nano TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), are gaining popularity. They possess features such as automatic repair, full screen coverage, anti-scratch, wear resistance, anti-drop, and explosion-proof capabilities. These films are suitable for use as mobile phone screen protectors and provide a smooth touch, close fit, and no warping or white edges.

The choice to use a flexible explosion-proof screen protector over a tempered glass film is based on several factors. Flexible films are thinner and less prone to breakage, they can repair small scratches automatically, and they feature oleophobic coatings to resist fingerprints. They can cover the full screen without warping edges and can be repaired if fragmentary bubbles appear after application. Additionally, flexible films offer a dust-resistant seal.

There are different types of flexible explosion-proof films available in the market. Some common types include:

  1. High Clear Flexible Explosion-proof Film: This film offers high translucency, anti-scratch properties, anti-fingerprint coating, and can be used as both front and back film. It provides a smooth touch feeling and is suitable for those who enjoy watching videos or playing mobile games.

  2. Anti-glare Matte Flexible Explosion-proof Film: This matte screen protector reduces glare and relieves eye fatigue. It has oil-resistant properties, maintains touch sensitivity, and offers anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint features.

  3. Anti-blue Flexible Explosion-proof Film: Designed to protect the eyes from blue light, this film features a special anti-blue agent coating process. It also provides anti-shock and drop-proof properties, touch sensitivity, precise hole positioning, high transparency, and ease of application.

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When choosing between tempered glass and flexible explosion-proof films, consider your specific needs and preferences. While flexible films may have a slightly higher cost, they offer advantages such as fine touch sensitivity, no bubbles, good stickiness, elasticity, and effective protection against screen damage.

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